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This Hebrew god makes it clear that his followers are not to worship other gods, going so far as to threaten punishment for doing so. Sound familiar? Yet not only does this god admit to being one of many, his followers do as well (though they claim him to be better than the others).

Casca meets with Cicero and tells the orator that there are many strange things happening in Rome that night, such as a lion in the streets and an owl screeching during the day. Cicero tells him that men construe omens the way they see fit. Cassius eventually arrives and learns from Casca that the senators are planning on making Caesar a king the next morning. He starts to tell Casca about the plot to kill Caesar, but Cinna shows up and interrupts him. He hands Cinna some letters to plant anonymously in Brutus' home and invites Casca to dinner that night in order to convince him to join the conspiracy.

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The term "garage rock", originally used in reference to 1960s acts, stems from the perception that its performers were young and amateurish, and often rehearsed in the family garage. [2] While numerous bands were made up of middle-class teenagers from the suburbs, others were from rural or urban areas or were composed of professional musicians in their twenties. [3] The term "garage band" often refers to musical acts in this genre. [4]

Thee Mighty Caesars Live In RomeThee Mighty Caesars Live In RomeThee Mighty Caesars Live In RomeThee Mighty Caesars Live In Rome