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Folge 577 - ** Thema: Letzte Elvis-Session der 50er Jahre
Vito Picone und The Elegents
Original Wortprotokoll Werner Voss

  • Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires - I Need Your Love Tonight
  • Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires - A Big Hunk O'Love
  • Eddie Riff - Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
  • Elvis Presley - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  • Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires - (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I
  • Elvis Presley - I Got Stung
  • Eddie Riff - My Baby's Gone Away
  • Mister Ruffin (aka Eddie Riff) - Bring It On Back
  • The Cavaliers - Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Pat Cordel & The Crescents - Darling Come Back
  • The Elegants - Little Star
  • The Elegants - Getting Dizzy
  • The Elegants - Please Believe Me
  • The Elegants - True Love Affair
  • The Elegants - Pay Day
  • The Elegants - Spiral
  • The Elegants - I've Seen Everything
  • Russ Veers - Warm As Toast
  • The Rhythm Aces - Mohawk Rock

Folge 503 - ** Thema: in memoriam (44) Floyd Dixon & Mari Jones with Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Real Lovin' Mama; Floyd Dixon - Oo Ee Little Girl

The opening song, " And It Stoned Me ", was written about feelings of ecstasy received from witnessing and experiencing nature, in a narrative describing a rural setting with a county fair and mountain stream. Morrison said he based it on a quasi-mystical experience he had as a 12 year old fishing in the Comber village of Ballystockart, where he once asked for water from an old man who said he had retrieved it from a stream. "We drank some and everything seemed to stop for me", the singer recalled, adding that it induced a momentary feeling of quietude in him. According to Hinton, these childhood images foreshadowed both spiritual redemption and—in Morrison's reference to " jellyroll " in the chorus—sexual pleasure. [22] AllMusic's Tom Maginnis argued that the singer was instead likening the experience to the first time hearing jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton . [23] The largely acoustic title track featured piano, guitar, saxophone, electric bass, and a flute over-dub backing Morrison, who sang of an adult romance set in Autumn and imitated a saxophone with his voice near the song's conclusion. "This is a rock musician singing jazz, not a jazz singer, though the music itself has a jazz swing", Hinton remarked, noting how its rhythm is played in triplets rather than rock's archetypical quadruple time signature . [24] " Crazy Love " was recorded with Morrison's voice so close to the microphone that it captured the click of Morrison's tongue hitting the roof of his mouth as he sang. [25] He sings in falsetto , producing what Hinton felt was a sense of intense intimacy, backed by a female chorus. [26]

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Jimmie Jay And The Moon Reyes Highleggin Party Poison IvyJimmie Jay And The Moon Reyes Highleggin Party Poison IvyJimmie Jay And The Moon Reyes Highleggin Party Poison IvyJimmie Jay And The Moon Reyes Highleggin Party Poison Ivy