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Government House, (Frontspiece)
St Phillps Church, Plate 10B
Australian Library, Plate 14A
St Patricks Church, Plate 18A
The Post Office, Plate 24A
St James Church, Plate 28A
Royal Victoria Theatre (interior), Plate 32A
The Free Presbyterian Church Pitt Street, Plate 36A
The Congregational Church Pitt Street, Plate 38A
The Union Bank of australia, Plate 42A
The Royal Hotel, Plate 50A
The Police office, Plate 56B
St Andrews Scots Church, Plate 58A
Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Plate 62A
The Jews Synagogue, Plate 64A
St Mary's Cathederal, Plate 72A
Supreme Court, Plate 74A
Hyde Park Barracks, Plate 76B
Legislative and Executive Council Chambers, Plate 76B
Museum, Plate 82A
National School, Plate 86A

Wells was uncertain whether to place "the beginnings of settled communities living in towns" in Mesopotamia or Egypt . [6] He was equally unsure whether to consider the development of civilisation something that arose from "the widely diffused Heliolithic Neolithic culture" or something that arose separately. [7] But between the nomadic cultures that originated in the Neolithic Age and the settled civilisations to the south, he discerned that "for many thousands of years there has been an almost rhythmic recurrence of conquest of the civilizations by the nomads." [8]

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