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Nestled in an alcove, turquoise armchairs and a tan leather ottoman form an inviting seating area. Nearby, a polished table seats two; it’s ideal for use as a workspace or for enjoying an intimate meal. A refreshment center and complimentary wired or wireless High Speed Internet Access add to the amenities.

Table: Random Magic Item Generation
Table: Available Magic Items
Table: Setting the Caster Level
Table: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values
Table: Potion Base Costs
Table: Scroll Base Costs
Table: Wand Base Costs
Table: Magic Item Slots for Animals

One of the first known experiments on the relationship between combustion and air was conducted by the 2nd century BCE Greek writer on mechanics, Philo of Byzantium . In his work Pneumatica , Philo observed that inverting a vessel over a burning candle and surrounding the vessel's neck with water resulted in some water rising into the neck. [3] Philo incorrectly surmised that parts of the air in the vessel were converted into the classical element fire and thus were able to escape through pores in the glass. Many centuries later Leonardo da Vinci built on Philo's work by observing that a portion of air is consumed during combustion and respiration . [4]

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Window The Empyreal BalletWindow The Empyreal BalletWindow The Empyreal BalletWindow The Empyreal Ballet