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Leonard, another pioneer of Black jocks’ move into the mainstream, was the first African-American disc jockey on landmark pop station WABC-AM, where he stayed for 14 years doing late-night shifts before moving through a string of New York stations like WRKS, WBLS, and WJUX. Leonard caught the radio bug in college as program director of University of Illinois station WPGU.

At this time Dre was working on side projects for local entrepreneur Eric ‘ Eazy-E ’ Wright in the Kru-Cut studio and Ice Cube was enlisted to ghostwrite for the World Class single ‘House Calls/Cabbage Patch’ single in 1987 and shortly after, featuring Michel'le , (Dre’s girlfriend) came out the slow jam hit "Before You Turn off the Lights" , which peaked at #91 in April 1988. Dre was arrested and thrown back in jail after his Mazda RX7 was impounded for compounding car fines of over $900, Lonzo wasn’t prepared to bail him out, Eazy-E paid this out in return for Dre’s production trade for E’s new record company ‘ Ruthless Records ’. This disrupted the continuation of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru clique with Dre spending more time working under Eazy, Lonzo hung onto the master tapes of World Class releasing Turn Off The Lights In The Fast Lane album which entered the R&B Top 40 in 1988 concurrent with Eazy and Dre’s combined collaboration of talent known as . Lonzo released a further LP called ‘Phases in Life’ released in 1990 under Lonzo’s solo identity. Later, remaining World Class members, Shakespeare pursued a position as a pastor. Michel'le dated Dr. Dre and released an album on Ruthless Records. Lonzo attempted to play off the big success of the group's last single by reassembling a new World Class Wreckin Cru. [9]


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: October 30, 1939  (Eddie Holland); June 16, 1941 (Lamont Herbert Dozier); February 15, 1941 (Brian Holland).
Origins: Detroit Michigan.
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul – P rominent and melodic bass-guitars, unique melodic and chord structures, tambourines emphasising the drums, Gospel style call-and-response singing style with carefully arranged background vocals ; orchestral string sections and charted horn sections.
3 Notable hits: Baby Love (The Supremes), Reach Out, I’ll Be There (The Four Tops), Can I Get a Witness (Marvin Gaye).
3 associated acts: Diana Ross & The Supremes, the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye.
Legacy: Their productions defined the Motown sound;. wrote and produced over 50 Top 10 pop or R&B hits, many which reached #1 on the charts;   Trustees Grammy Award, Recording Industry Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1998; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, 1990; Dozier: Grammy Award.
Most active years: 60s, 70s.

World Class Wreckin Cru The JuiceWorld Class Wreckin Cru The JuiceWorld Class Wreckin Cru The JuiceWorld Class Wreckin Cru The Juice