Big band j tomaszewskiego jazz jamboree 1962 nr 6 - Jazz Consortium Big Band, Live Swing Jazz Big Band Music.

The Big Band Gospel Project was conceived as an opportunity for two ensembles to celebrate, with each other and the audience, a passion for performance; to explore each ensemble’s musical traditions; and to find the common ground within those musical traditions. We want to create greater awareness of both gospel and jazz in Toronto, and strengthen and celebrate the musical and cultural diversity of Toronto. But most of all, we want to share our passion and excitement with you.

"You guys went over really big at the 'WHEELS and WINGS' epo this year.  There is nothing like a live big band to create excitement and the perfect atmosphere for our venue!  You were the perfect fit - Thanks!"

•  Another World (athmospheric piece for trumpet and tenor solo in the section)
•  Young and fine (steps ahead related version)
•  And the winner is, samba, baritone sax solo
•  Bolero, bigband version of famoaus piece
•  Changing, tenor sax feature, modern jazz
•  Mr DJ, modern straight eights Jazz, comp Tom Beek, tenor sax feature 

The M&J Big Band performs various musical styles for affordable rates.  Top-notch satisfaction and professionalism guaranteed.  Please call us at (570) 628-5930 or send us a message on the Contact Page to confirm your date today!