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The next day I called the doctor and told her I think the vaccines have done this and she told me ’ no, it’s just a coincidence’ but to bring him back in, which I did. She referred me to a specialist. While waiting for the specialist appointment in a few days, my baby boy started doing strange things. He started arching his back and crying out in pain. He was as stiff as a board. His eyes would roll into the back of his head. He didn’t have a temperature. He had also started shuddering but he wasn’t cold. (I later learnt from the doctor these were convulsions and seizures). The vomiting continued and I was convinced to give up breastfeeding by the clinic sister. He vomited up the formula also. I was getting very scared.

There were a group of men who worked at the restaurant who adopted this lifestyle, most of them for the rest of their lives — in addition to eden, the familiar names included Bob Wallace, Gypsy Jean, Emile Zimmerman, Gypsy Boots, Tati, Buddy Rose — and they were soon known simply around town, and particularly to the restaurant’s patrons, as “The California Nature Boys,” or often, and even more succinctly, “Nature Boys.”

He was almost as legendary for his drinking. In the ESPN documentary, he boasts of pounding 10 beers and five cocktails per day for decades.

Nature Boy Tell Me You Will Be MineNature Boy Tell Me You Will Be MineNature Boy Tell Me You Will Be MineNature Boy Tell Me You Will Be Mine