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Graphics editor for Science at the New York Times. 13pt is the New York-based design and type studio founded by Jonathan Corum . In the early part f his career, he created typefaces such as FB Agency, Eagle ( 1994 , after initial design by David Berlow in 1989, which in turn was based on . Benton's [or Lucian Bernhard's?] 1933 face, Eagle Bold; a strong font!), Law Italic (1997, for Sam Antupit and Harry N. Abrams---a digitization from a specimen of ATF's Law Italic No. 520), Mesa (1994, a Font Bureau handprinting face), the 5-unit handwriting family Victoria's Secret (1997, from hand-drawn originals provided by Sisman Design), the Bodoni-esque font Winterthur Display (1997, drawn for Harry N. Abrams), Law Italic . Custom typefaces include 2x4 (as part of logos), Columbia University, Liz Claiborne, Miesdings (dingbats for the new student center of the Illinois Institute of Technology), Readers Digest Fleurons (1997), WCS Wildlife (2001, the corporate typeface of the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society). FontShop link . [ Google ] [ MyFonts ] [ More ]  ⦿

Laurel Aitken Sex Machine Since You LeftLaurel Aitken Sex Machine Since You LeftLaurel Aitken Sex Machine Since You Left